Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Personal Confessions & What I think...

I confess... I am a woman, and I enjoy a good microbrew. (Which could be part of what led to the need for Operation: Fit Mama...)

I confess... I haven't had my hair cut or trimmed in nearly a year. Long over due for sure.

I confess... I am a pack rat, but am learning to let things go, so I don't turn into one of those crazies you see on "Hoarders."

And now on to "What I Think."

Don't shoot the messenger. It's just good manners folks. 

To illustrate... Imagine this... All week you've been looking forward to a steak dinner at your favorite restaurant. Friday night rolls around and you go to your favorite steak house, go to place your order, and the server tells you they are out of steak. Do you freak on that server, asking why they didn't order more from wherever the steak comes from to anticipate for your steak needs? or better yet, accuse them of being incompetant  at their job due to this horrible error? or even better yet, accuse them of having steak, but just not wanting to serve it to you? Does it really make you feel better to belittle the server and ruin their day? Really? Where does it get you? Didn't your Mama teach you better?

Now, I don't work in a restaurant, but the principle applies in many settings. In the big scheme of things, from the person serving you your food to the person taking your mortgage application.... We really don't have a huge amount of control over the way things are done. We don't set the rules. We don't take the inventory and drive the truck, making sure the food shipments are in on time.  Get over yourself and your right to entitlement. If the steak ain't there for you, I assure you, it's not there for anyone else either.


  1. I knew the mortgage application person was going to fit in there somewhere. On another level, but connected more directly...There is an old saying that says, "Don't marry a man who is rude to the waiter." I know some waiters are rude themselves, but being a jerk is not one of the ways to handle that.

  2. You have inspired me to go back to my blog!

  3. I was hoping someday my blog would bring inspiration to others! =) Welcome back!


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