Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feeling Old & Irrational Fears...

Today, my baby sister turned 15! I was 13 and in the 7th grade when she was born. She was soooo much fun! In so many ways, she is the reason I didn't get into a lot more trouble as a teenager (well more than I was already getting in.) I'm not quite sure, if it wasn't for her, that I wouldn't have really fallen off the deep end. Ran away, went to live with friends, etc. She always gave me a reason to come home, and was always so happy to see me.  I'm not sure she will ever know how much it meant to me.. the way she looked up to me, the way she was my little shopping buddy. The way I still randomly call my own daughter "Haillie" instead of Ella.. out of habit. Hard to believe you're 15 already Hail-bob! I love you!

Baby Haillie - 1997 with Cousin Clay

2002 - Big Sister comes to visit! (Littlest sibling Lukers also pictured.)

2010- My Baby Sis, holding my Baby Ella <3

Today, I was walking outside my front door and being as it's spring, and flowers are blooming, the bees were a buzzing. My first inclincation was to flinch and run, as I always irrationally have. But this year is different. Boo Boo is observant. She is impressionable. I do not want to pass on irrational and unfounded fears to her. No offense Mother, but snakes and fish probably wouldn't mortify me the way they do, if you hadn't passed those fears on to me. =)

So today, I resolved myself to keep my irrational fears as hidden as I can, until Boo Boo can develop her own opinions to the world around her... well, that is, until she wants a pet snake or something....


  1. That's so funny. I love snakes and spiders and Justin is deathly afraid of them. Sometimes we do get things from our parents and sometimes it's just our own mixed up brains. Myself, I am totally afraid of turnips. Well, actually heights and closed in places. I can handle an elevator, but no caves! That was lovely about you and your sister.

  2. My Mom is madly afraid of snakes.. and passed that on to me.. and she told me fish would bite my toes off when we were swimming at the lake.. made me HATE fish. That's how I remember it at least. She may have just jokingly told me that they would nibble my toes.. but either way I hate fish... ;)

  3. Happy Birthday to your sister! On another note, my hubby is very afraid of snakes and they don't bother me too much. I like to laugh at him when he runs from gardner snakes!

    Just stopping by from the followers fest and following via linkys now!

  4. Such a smart idea!!!! I try and be careful not to show my daughters what I'm ''scared'' off.

    Thanks for joining Show Some Love Linky Follower Fest Blog Hop! I'm your newest follower :)

  5. Following you on GFC and linky from the hop. I have an Ella myself, don't hear that name too often. Happy Birthday to your little sister :) Check me out if you get a chance -Kim


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