Friday, January 8, 2016

Meatless Month

Back in November 2015 I decided to try a Meatless Month. No particular reason. As a kid, I’d never been a huge fan of meat. Don’t get me wrong, bacon is delicious and I love a good carne’ asada, but I just wanted to see how it’d be to go a month without meat.

To my surprise, it wasn’t that difficult at all and my family participated with me nearly the entire time. Since then my husband has joined me on the journey. Our 5 year old daughter is still wondering when we are going to eat meat again (and she has had it a handful of times since). I’d like to preface by saying – We are not vegetarians. I’m not really sure there is a word for this, but it works for us and I’m feeling good about it.

Here’s our deal.

We don’t eat meat (cow, pig, chicken, duck, turkey, etc.). We do drink milk. We keep both coconut and dairy milk in the house. We do eat eggs (organic brown eggs – cage free, free range, etc.) We do eat cheese. Eventually I’d like to illuminate dairy completely. And occasionally, we will eat shrimp or scallops. I do still own belts, shoes, purses made of leather. Moving forward – I will take into consideration the materials of the items I purchase – but I’m still drawing my lines.

I have no problem with the idea of raising an animal to eat. I have no problem with the idea of my husband hunting for a deer or elk per year so that we would occasionally eat some venison. Ethically, I cannot contribute to the horrific industry behind meat and animal products. I won’t post links to the awful documentaries and videos, and I’m not stand on a soap box and preach. Just stating why I feel for me and my family, this decision makes sense. And it’s personal. Afterall, what is more personal than what we choose to nourish our body with?

I digress. The point of my post was to explain why you may see a few posts on the blog with meatless recipes here and there. I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the ease of our new whatever this is. We’re not just eating salads around here. We’ve had enchiladas, lasagna, tacos, spaghetti, curry rice, jambalaya, etc. And the best part? These dinners are QUICK when you do not have to thaw and cook meat. We’ve really been loving the Beyond Meat Products. They are made primarily with Pea Protein. I know, I know, peas – ughh. But seriously this stuff is amazing and very hard to tell it’s not real meat. I even made a “hamburger style” gravy with it last weekend. Delish!

So here’s to be healthy and happy – in whatever way that takes form for you!

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