Wednesday, July 24, 2013

29 in 29 Update

Exactly 364 days ago I posted a 29 in 29 post. 29 things to do in my 29th year. I was 28 at the time, but was too close to 29 to get it all done. I turn 30 in October. I wanted to look back and see what I had --- and hadn't accomplished of my 29 to do's. So here goes!

1.) Take our daughter to the zoo. Probably Oregon Zoo, or the one in Seattle.
Done! We went to the Oregon Zoo in June and it was a blast.

2.) Run in a 5k.
Fail 1 -- guess I have 2 1/2 months to check this one off still....

3.) Hit 250 followers on the blog.
Done! Thanks ya'll!

4.) Expand "The Rogue Baby" shop beyond Etsy.
Done! Record sales this month only remind me how awesome my customers are!

5.) Payoff debt. 3 year plan to be debt free baby! Gonna stick to it!
Been doing so good at this and will continue to. Will be virtually debt free in 12 months from now.

6.) Finish our remodel on our house. Cannot wait for the master bedroom redo.
Still a work in progress, but a lot closer than we were.

7.) Go to an IMAX movie.
Not yet. Better get that scheduled.

8.) Go to an Oregon Ducks game.
Not yet. Better get that in the works too.

9.) Reach my goal weight!
Ha ha, let's not go there. I'm no closer today than I was 364 days ago. #Getrearingear

10.) Learn to make eggs benedict.
I haven't done this one yet. I know what I'm making Saturday morning.

11.) Go kayaking more often.
Super fail #2 -- haven't gone once yet since my last post. Lame

12.) Re-learn to sew! So many pinterest projects await my regaining this ability.
This is one epic win for me. I have gotten a lot of use out of my sewing machines. Yes plural. In the past year.

13.) Focus on family time. My daughter will only be this young once.
This is something I can always improve on and will continue to.

14.) Read my bible daily.
I haven't been. I need to.

15.) Put together an emergency preparedness kit. Seriously, been meaning to do that forever and keep procrastinating.
Still haven't. Oh my Mom is gonna kill me if she reads this.

16.) Organize my filing cabinet, ha ha, yeah, this is the least likely to happen of all.
So hasn't happened....

17.) Get my crafting / shop space more functional. Crafting room makeover / overhaul.
I did a couple months ago, and it was awesome for like a week, and since I've had to expand my inventory and crafting area, it's insane. I need an ultimate craft room makeover.

18.) Celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary somewhere special (Sept. 2013)
Oregon Coast in September -- Hawaii in Spring 2014. Check

19.) Buy more shoes! A girl can never have too many.
Oh yes, I totally have!!!

20.) Try brussel sprouts. Weird, right? I've just never tried them. Hear they are awful, but how I can possibly turn 30 not knowing the taste of brussel sprouts!?!?
Still haven't. Time to hit the grocery store for brussel sprouts and eggs benny ingredients.

21.) Read a book from cover to cover. No biggie you say? Well, it is. Since my daughter was born, I have yet to accomplish this.. says the girl who once read all 4 Twilight books in a row in under 72 hours....
Ha.. still haven't.

22.) Take our daughter to see airplanes. She loves "Pair-Planes". I would love to take her to an aviation museum!
Haven't, but plan to in September, so this one will get checked off in time.

23.) Grow a garden. Zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries, etc. Next summer!
Do two tomato plants and a pot of basil count? If so, then yes.

24.) Finally get the windows tinted on my car. Owned it for 3 1/2 years, and each summer I say I will, and I never do.
I totally just did this like 2 weeks ago!!! Yay me!

25.) Take our daughter to see snow this winter. It's something I took for granted growing up in the Northwest, but here, we don't see much of it. Will be a blast to take her to the snow to play.
Didn't do this last winter, but had a bit of snow in our yard she got to see... yeah, this is a fail.

26.) Spend my first night ever away from our daughter. I know, I know, it's gotta happen someday. Cut the cord Mama!!! I think it will be tougher on her than me at this point.
Still haven't. Would you believe it? I have separation anxiety I swear.

27.) Do something drastic with my hair. Warning: this may occur sooner... I am getting very anxious for some change.
Oddly enough... I haven't done anything new to my hair in ages...

28.) Have movie marathon weekends! Star Wars, Back to the Future, The Lord of the Rings, etc. How fun would that be?
We tend to do Netflix marathons... Arrested Development. Walking Dead. Sons of Anarchy. That kinda thing....

29.) Go camping more often!
Fail. That is all.

Guess I should've checked back on this around the 6 month mark, but I'm like half way there. Do I get an A for effort? What do you hope to accomplish in the coming year??

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Back in April I took on a new position at work. I not only had to move my office 30 miles away, but I also get to travel a lot. Not the fun kind of First Class flight travel. No, it's hours in my car. I don't mind driving usually, but it's starting to wear on me. Covering the same stretch of freeway gets a bit monotonous.

 photo MjAxMi0yNDM5ZGM1OTVlNTEzZTY3.png

Dear Mr. Left Lane,
There is a right lane. It's also called the slow lane. They did not pave the left lane just for you. As you might guess the "slow lane" is for those going slower than the rest of traffic. Get your buns over!

Dear Mini Van Driver,
I am pretty sure your owners manual came with the instructions: "You must drive like an a-hole to drive this rig." No offense to those that do drive mini vans and don't drive like jerks. I'm being stereotypical here.... but if the shoe fits.... ;)

Dear Ms. I've Got Places to Be,
Surprise! So does everyone else who anticipated which lane they needed to be in for their exit. Cutting someone off in order to get one car length ahead is ridiculous. You best be glad my brakes are in good working order.

Dear Mr. Bright Idea,
That road sign with the big flashing arrow a half mile back indicating the lane you are in was ending didn't apply to you. We know. You're special. Go ahead and wait until the lane ends and cut someone off. We understand you deserve special treatment and to get somewhere a few minutes faster than everyone else.

Dear Mr. Trucker,
I know, you're on a time schedule, but how about passing another trucker on that nice straight flat stretch a half mile back. No? Ok, pass him on the hill and slow the rest of traffic on the freeway down to 40mph, only to decide it's not worth it, slow down to 30mph to get back behind the same truck. That was 3 minutes well spent.

Dear Out of Towners,
I'm pretty sure English is the language used where you come from, as indicated by your state license plate. That light you were at, where it said, "No turning on red." Yeah, they meant that, because some other people have a green light. You know those people you almost just plowed into. It's ok, you're from out of town. We get it. We should've drawn a picture. Reading is hard!

Dear Tailgater,
I understand you're in a hurry and you want to boogie. That's fine by me. I always enjoy having someone ahead of me speeding faster than me. Less chance of me getting a speeding ticket. I will gladly get right into the slow lane as soon as I pass this slow poke over there on the right. However, when you ride my buns to where I cannot see your headlights or even hood in my rear view, you best bet I'm going to be the most annoying law abiding, drive the exact speed limit citizen there is.

Happy Driving Friends!

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