Saturday, March 3, 2012

Garage Sale Fever!

It's official. I have garage sale fever! After nearly 10 years of renting, we bought our first house last September. When renting, it's easy to "not decorate" because it's not really YOUR home. You never know if the living room you end up with next will fit that amazing hutch or oversized couch. But now, it's our house. And boy do I have garage sale fever.

Craigslist isn't a sufficient fix. For one, Craigslist sellers usually ask higher prices and aren't as anxious to sell as someone wanting to get something out of their garage or off the driveway. Nothing beats the exhilaration of finding an amazing deal at a garage sale. That just right piece of furniture, even if you have to refinish or paint it. You know it's going to be just right in your home! 

We are about to embark on some pretty big renovations in our home soon. New interior paint, wainscotting, all new flooring, interior doors, trim, etc. I'm talking full on customization! I am so blessed to have a very talented carpenter for a hubby!

The funniest part, I'm not even really sure what I'm looking for as far as garage sale finds. Our house could certainly use some more wall decor and art work. I guess that is what is so fun about it, not knowing what you are going to find. SPRING... get here soon! I'm ready to go "sale'ing"!


  1. Good for you! It's so exciting to have your own house. We've had ours for 2 years now and I still have garage sale fever. :) You should post some pictures! (Found you from the Etsy group.)

  2. Once we really tear into the house I plan on doing a series of posts with our progress. Before & Afters. I am so excited! And welcome to my blog. =)


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