Thursday, March 22, 2012

Couponing Crazy-ness!

Are you a couponer? Do you know a couponer? Have you watched those crazy couponing shows where the person has a stock pile of 50 shampoos they got for pennies on the dollar? At what point is couponing too much? One of my favorites sites to follow for couponing is Hip2Save ( Personally though, I had to stop reading the daily newsletter and following the site, because I found although I was getting some amazing deals, I was actually spending more, buying more items I did not need. It is great to buy items you need with coupons to SAVE money, but are you really benefiting yourself if you stockpile cheap items you didn't really "need" ?

I definitely believe in going through the Sunday coupons for items that you already plan on buying. That makes sense. Especially for groceries. Aside from grocery purchases, I make a good portion of our purchases online.

One thing I strongly believe in when shopping online is searching sites such as for coupon codes. I cannot count how many times I found a percent off or free shipping coupon code to save me a few bucks on an online purchase I was already going to make.

Another online money saver I have found is:
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You can earn cash back on purchases at qualifying online merchants. Some sites I earn the most back at are: (where I order all of Boo Boo's diapers and have them delivered to my door step next day) and The Children's Place (where I order a good majority of her clothes!)

Do you have any sweet ways you've found of saving on every day purchases without going to couponing extremes??

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  1. I'm a fan of the Grocery Game. It's a paid service, and not 100% perfect, but it has saved me a considerable amount of money, without going overboard. I also shop around and found that one store usually sells meats for the sale price of my Grocery Game "list" store.

    As a mom, "new clothes" to my two boys meant "new to them". Aside from shoes, practically everything they wore was second hand - either from friends or family, or yard sales. It wasn't until they reached the age of "wear-it-out before you grow- out-of-it" that I actually had to buy real new clothes. And yes, the Children's Place was one of the places I shopped.

    Cloth diapers were a godsend! I had 4 dozen for my first son. They were held in place with fitted velcro diaper covers. I only used disposables for their original intended purpose - going out. By the time my second son came around I had wised up and switched to pins and waterproofed fabric pull-on pants (not to be confused with the all vinyl ones, blech!). And I only needed to get an additional dozen diapers to replace the ones his brother wore out. Ironically, even though we did much more traveling after he was born, he never had a disposable diaper grace his bottom. We were just that good! LOL!


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