Friday, March 16, 2012

Migraines & Missing in Action

I am so disappointed! Wednesday was to be my first "What's Cookin' Wednesday" post. Tuesday a.m. I started getting a horrible migraine. My migraines do not just consist of the typical insanely painful headache and sensitivity to light. I also have visual "aura" which usually means I pretty much go blind during an episode. It comes and goes in waves during the migraine episode. It is beyond frustrating. It is usually the precursor warning me that a migraine is imminent. Of course, my computer screen and fluorscent lighting in my office at work do not help the situation.

So about 15 minutes into the aura Tuesday, my left hand and arm go numb, and eventually my face, tongue, nose, etc. Then the intense pain kicks in. I took it easy the rest of Tuesday and woke up Wednesday feeling ok. Had a fairly bad headache all day, crazy day at work, picked up Boo Boo late, went grocery shopping, and pulled into the driveway pretty much right when the second major episode hit. It carried on into Thursday, so I finally went to the doctor Thursday afternoon. The doctor prescribed some Imatrex, but it took 6 more hours for the pharmacy to have it ready, so finally late last night I was feeling some relief.

Today, I am a bit better. Still numb in my left hand and left side of my face. Some aura here and there. And a dull headache. I am exhausted!  I really feel like I've been whining, and that wasn't really my intent. I wanted to explain my MIA status this week, and get back on my blogging track. I did want to ask my readers though...

Do you have experience with migraines? If so, what types of triggers have you found for yours? What treatment do you use?

After ten years, multiple doctors, neurologists, CT scans, MRI's, and various medication, I am still no closer to my answers than when I began!

Ohhhh, and I will be participating in Spring Fling on April 2nd. Posts to follow! =)



  1. Sorry you are not feeling well, but I'm glad I found your blog. Love the blog hop. I'm a new follower. Hope you stop by and follow back so we can stay connected. Lori

  2. Hope you feel better! Unfortunately, I know exactly what you mean about those migraines. I started getting them in highschool and always ended up sick to my stomach. Then they stopped for no reason. Then they started up again. Now that I stay at home with my kids, I haven't had one since. Hubby thinks my high stress job was a major contributor. I agree... although it can be stressful when my 2 monkeys have temper tantrums at the same time. My treatment has always been an extremely dark room, water, and an advil or two.


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