Monday, July 16, 2012

You Must Dress for Success & Shoes Come First!

There's an old saying, "You must dress for success." Wanna know where I want to succeed? Here comes the same old story.

I want to reach my goal weight. Broken record much? I'm sure many of you can relate.

This means so much more to me than just a number though. I want to be able to run. I want to be able to go hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, and keep up with my husband!

I don't want to be the Mom who was never in pictures over the years, because I hate am embarrased of the way I look. I have come to the realization, it's far over due for some change.

I've taken the first step in the process. Admitting to myself I have a food addiction, of sorts at least. I eat when I'm bored. No, not celery or something healthy. Nope, give me bread or pasta or chips. Ya know, the stuff your body turns into fat in t-minus zero seconds.

I've also allowed myself to indulge far too often in alcholic beverages. Beer distributors should be required to list caloric value on each bottle. A typical Saturday night for me of beer or other adult drinks could easily equal 1000 or more calories! What?!?

I've got a ways to go. I have a number in my mind. A number I haven't weighed since middle school. I'm 5'2" and according to most BMI calculators, {brace yourself folks}
_________________________I AM OBESE __________________________
and I should weigh: between 100-126 pounds. My goal: 120 pounds. That means, I have 55 pounds to lose! Yikes! I'm going to leave it up to ya'all to do the math on that one. I refuse to actually document my starting weight in numeral format.

So, back to the dressing for success.... I went to the store today to pick up some new running shoes. I ran last night. 2 miles in fact. But my heels are killing me today! The Adidas running shoes I have are not cutting it. And I felt new shoes were in order. I wonder how these beauties I bought will work on the treadmill?

I did really buy these! I couldn't not buy them. $98 Jessica Simpson shoes for $19.99, yes, I think I will!!
But I did find some running shoes too, that I am equally excited about.

Aren't they cute? Maybe when I lose the first 10 pounds, I'll buy myself some new workout clothes to match!


  1. i always say nothing matters more than a good pair of shoes ;)

    come say hi at

    have a good day!

  2. Gotta start somewhere! Might as well be with the shoes! :) Plus clothes/shoes makes a GREAT reward as you begin meeting your goals! Go you!!!!

  3. the BMI thing drives me crazy....just don't focus too much on the number and have a fun time working out and exercising!!

  4. I'm in the same boat :/ Stupid BMI calculator. But I agree, an outfit/shoes as a reward seems like an awesome idea! Good luck!

    Following from That Friday blog hop:)


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