Monday, July 30, 2012

The Next Step?

I find myself at a point in my life, wondering, what is the next step?

I have a wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, nice home, reliable car, etc. I have a great job. (And let me tell you a secret, I do not have a college degree...) For shame!! Right?

I know I am beyond blessed. And I am very very thankful! Don't get me wrong, but here is why I want to know, what is the next step!?!? What path am I heading down? I see a few options ahead of me.

One of my favorite paths. Nye Beach - Oregon

So here's the back story.

In early April, my work announced an upcoming merger. Here we are nearly 4 months later, and I still do not know if my job will continue once the merger closes at the end of this month. It's nerve-racking to say the least.

My daughter adores her teachers and loves the daycare we take her to. That makes it only slightly easier to be away from her all day. At nearly $7,000 a year, that is a huge expense!

My little business is growing. Not as fast as I would like, but it is. I would need to be processing about 10-15 orders a day to make it my day job, and I get about 10-15 orders a month. I've been thinking about opening up a website so my items will be available for purchase off of Etsy as well and expanding our product line, but that requires investment.

And then, there is the thought, if my job does not continue into the merger, should I try to find a work from home position? I know they are available in my industry, but I am just not sure how few and far between they are...Is it possible to have a work from home professional job, whilest caring for a 2 year old?

So here I am... Wondering what the next step to take is....


  1. Times of uncertainty are always hard... Especially if it might affect your whole family. Sending you good thoughts!

    1. Thank you girl! I am just such a planner, it stinks not knowing what I'll be up to next week, next month, etc! I'll get through though. =)

  2. You know I can totally relate, right? ;)
    But this week, I found a quote that I absolutely love...

    "In the end, everything will be okay! If it's not okay, it's simply not the end yet!" ;)

    Best of luck to you Ricki!
    Keep me posted!


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