Saturday, July 28, 2012

Things to Know About Being a Parent & Having a Baby...

My daughter is only 27 months old, but I have already learned so much from pregnancy and being a parent.

As an expectant parent you are overwhelmed by all the annoying helpful, well-meaning advice from family, friends, co-workers, and best of all random strangers on the street. Ya know, by the 3rd trimester, I was ready to just be a hermit. Don't you dare touch my belly. Seriously, stranger danger! Why would you think it is socially acceptable to touch a strangers stomach simply because they are pregnant. Really? Realllllyy!?!?

35 Weeks Pregnant with my daughter. Late March 2010.

I've came to the conclusion that the things I have learned have helped me as a parent, but they might be entirely useless to the next Mama. Every child is different. Every parent is different. Here is what I have learned:

1.) Whether or not I had an epidural is none of your business. Whether you did or didn't, doesn't make you any better or less of a mother than me. Whether or not you do or don't have your child at home, in a hospital, with a mid-wife or doula, none of my business. I won't judge.

2.) "The Happiest Baby on the Block" book was worthless to me. Might be a savior to you. Never know.

3.) You may break down and let your child eat gold fish crackers for breakfast to avoid a meltdown on a Monday morning where you are already running late for work. This does not make you a bad Mama. And anyone making you feel like it does needs to mind their biz-ness.

4.) So many of the items you are told you need to be "ready" for your baby, are frankly, not necessities. Seriously... our commercialized society has told us we "need" "need" "need" and baby items are no exception. Crib with sheet? Diapers? Clothing? All needed. Wipes warmer? Bottle Warmer? Yeah, never used them.

5.) Letting your child fall asleep in your arms each night may be your method of choice, while others might use the cry it out method. Neither is better than the other. Do what works for you. I choose to cuddle my daughter each and every night.. so sue me. I enjoy that time. So does she. Don't hate.

As a reader, if you are a parent already, you know too well what I am sayin'. But we all have one thing in common... Nothing can compare to the love you feel for your child. Your perfect child. Your child will be the cutest, smartest, and no other will compare.

My baby April 2010 - 3 days old.


  1. Hahah, love this post! Definitely sharing.

  2. I absolutely agree - I didn't breastfeed either of my 2 children, and every body had an opinion on that. But my boys are both strong and healthy and I feel like, it's our business not everyone else's! Thanks for this post, I think all new moms need to read this and not be bullied into doing what other people think is best. -Mia

  3. I agree with all of the above!

    I'm a new follower from the I Love My Friends GFC link-up :)


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