Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blog Hop - Weekly Wrap-Up Volume 2

Hello There! Another week has gone by, and boy was it a busy one!

I am so happy this week to have Vanessa from Cutiful as my co-host! Be sure to go check her blog out and say hello! (P.S. She's on my sidebar as well! And if you haven't seen 'em yet, she makes the cutest "quiet books"!)


The rules are pretty simple. Link up your weekly wrap-ups. Of course, the more positivity the better, but hey, I know we all have those bad weeks! At a loss for your format? Try 5 positives and 1 negative that sum up your week.

Please link up your posts below, follow the host and co-host(s) and put a button on your sidebar or in post if you have room. =)

The Weekly Wrap-Up with Rogue Baby
<div align="center"><a href="" title="The Weekly Wrap-Up with Rogue Baby"><img src="" alt="The Weekly Wrap-Up with Rogue Baby" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

So here is my week, in a nut shell.

I am thankful because:

1.) Week one of getting back in shape is in the books, and I have lost 3 pounds! Yay me! Wish it were more, but it's a start!

2.) I added some adorable new items to my shop, such as....

Oh yeah, and the model. Yeah.. she's my everything. I love that kid more than she will ever know!

3.) I got my replacement Diamond Candle in the mail. It smelled amazing, and the ring was far more tolerable!

4.) I had the best experience ordering from The Ribbon Retreat. Ordered Friday 7/13, received Monday, 7/16. Can't get much better than that. And all the supplies I bought were adorable!! Seriously, no compensation here.. but if you are a crafter, definitely go check out The Ribbon Retreat for your crafting supplies. Not just ribbon, they have fabric, buttons, embellishments, etc. and at great prices!!!

5.) Family time at the coast. Priceless!!

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