Wednesday, May 16, 2012

7 things you didn't know about me

I am honored to have been nominated by {Two.Shades.of.Lovely} for a Versatile Blogger Award. Isn't that sweet of Jeni and Kendel? I thought so!

VBA Rules say I now need to tell you 7 things about myself. This is hard for me than one might think! Especially since I just wrote my formal introduction post not too long ago. In case you missed it.... you can check it out HERE.

So, here's me!

1.) I am a 28 year old wife and mama. I have been married to my husband for going on 9 years. He's pretty awesome.

2.) I am a mortgage loan officer by day. And I love it. Nothing cooler than helping young folks become homeowners!

3.) I, too, shoot people after a rough day, much like Jeni from {Two.Shades.of.Lovely}, on Call of Duty. But, my all time favorite game to play on Xbox, is Halo!

4.) I grew up in North Idaho, but moved to Southern Oregon not too long after graduating high school. I love it here. And it feels like home! Sorry North Idaho, I don't miss your winters.

5.) I love thrift store shopping and finding a good deal. I like the finer things too though. I guess you could say, I just love shopping!

6.) I got my very first job when I was 15, as a hostess, at Red Lobster! Sometimes I miss the fast paced environment of working in food service.

7.) I hate snakes. Absolutely horrified by them. They creep me out!

There you go! Seven random things about me. Now on to the fun part! I get to nominate some of my favorite blogs for the VBA as well! Please take the time to check out these gals. They have been instrumental in my blog success and I adore each and every one of them!

Spoonful of Sunshine

Let Them Eat Cake

Thank you again Jeni & Kendel for thinking of me!

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  1. Hi Ricki!

    Thanks again for the nomination!
    I posted my 7 facts last night! :)
    You can take a look here:

    Have a nice day!


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