Monday, May 21, 2012

Tuesday 10 - The Soundtrack of My Life

Super excited to be co-hosting The Tuesday 10 with Mom2Memphis&Ruby this week!
Lena is one of my "bloggie heroes!" Working Mama... Kick ass blog.
Yeah, she's pretty fantastic!

This week's theme? The 10 songs on the soundtrack of your life. It's hard to try to go in chronological order, from birth to present, so mine are kind of all over the place.

1.) A Little of the Good Life - Three Days Grace
This one is kind of odd, because I am not a huge fan of the song, however, it will forever remind me of the day my daughter was born. Apparently, it was a fairly new single on the radio at the time, and my husband was singing and humming it during our wait in the hospital. Our baby girl really has brought us "a little of the good life." Aww... corny.... I know!

2.) You Were Always on my Mind - Willie Nelson
This song will forever remind me of my Grandparents on my fathers side. My uncle took old home "video" from when my Dad and his brothers were kids, and had it made into a VHS tape in the early 90's for my grandparents. And on that tape was this Willie Nelson song. I loved watching it. Seeing my Dad as a little kid. Seeing my Grandparents when they were so much younger. The song always brings back fond memories.

3.) Sugar Mountain - Neil Young
Ok, in all honesty, ANY Neil Young song reminds me of my Dad. Perhaps because he's one of the only other people I know that can stand to listen to Neil Young. Ok, his voice is a little screechy, but I associate Neil Young with my early childhood, roadtrips with just me and my Dad, and good times camping. I heart Neil, don't care what anyone else has to say. =)

4.) Hero - Mariah Carey
When my little sister, who is now 15 was a baby, I used to sing her "Hero" to get her to sleep. Honestly the only Mariah Carey song I can even name the title to.

5.) Talk About Me - Toby Keith
When my little brother, who is now 13 was a toddler, like 2 or 3. He would sing his little heart out to this song. "Talk about MEEEEEEEE!" So adorable, and will never forget that.

6.) Chattahoochee - Alan Jackson
I am not a country fan now, but the very first concert I attended was in late 1993, with my parents. It was Alan Jackson opening for Brooks & Dunn. Won't ever forget that!!

7.) Walk - Pantera
Still one of my all-time-favorite-songs-ever! My husband introduced me to Pantera, something I am still thankful to him for!

8.) Swing Life Away - Rise Against
Rise Against is definitely on my top 10 favorite bands. This song doesn't have one single particular memory I associate to it, just a song I've always loved, by I band I love.

9.) Baby Baby - Amy Grant
My Mom listened to a lot of Amy Grant in the early 90's, and for some reason, whenever I hear this song, I always think of her.

10.) Good Riddance - Green Day
I remember when the "Dookie" CD by Green Day came out, and my older sister had it. I was jealous! Loved that CD, reminds me of late elementary school and looking up to my big sister. But when "Nimrod" came out, I bought it right away. Good Riddance is just one of those songs that seems good to finish something with. Trying to remember, but I think they may have played it at our high school graduation?

Told you there was no particular order, or rhyme, or reason for that matter. Just songs that remind me of my loved ones, or good times in my life. Hoping you'll find this weeks theme fun as well, and link up below. Can't wait to hear about your soundtracks!
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  1. I love Pantera Walk! Great song! I still blast it everytime I hear it.

    1. <3 My 2 year old rocks out to Pantera already! ha ha.

  2. Life always needs a little Amy Grant!!! Great list. This is a great theme. Thanks for co-hosting it.

  3. Beautiful list! Thank you for suggesting this theme, it's a hit! You're a wonderful Co-host! <3

  4. Oh Green Day! It reminds me of elementary school also! Happy Tuesday :)

  5. I played Baby, Baby by Amy Grant to death when I was young. I had the cassette and listened to it all the time until it came up "missing". Love your list!

  6. Thank you all for stopping by! I have had so much fun reading everyone elses lists also!!! <3

  7. great songs! i especially love the toby keith song- my dad sings that all the time. ahha found you via the blog hop xo


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