Thursday, May 10, 2012

Business Fail:

It's been said, you make a customer happy, they tell one or two of their friends. You tick a customer off, and they share their experience with 100 people. When a business excels or goes above and beyond my expectations, I give credit where credit is due. When a business fails entirely at customer service, the world deserves to hear as well.

Last Thursday, I placed an order with I was pleased with their fabric selection, and plastered all over the website was "Orders ship within 48 hours." Sweet, by business days, the order would ship by Monday the 7th, and I'd have it by this weekend to start some new projects. I wish.

On Tuesday the 8th, my order hadn't shipped, so I emailed for a status. I received a response Wednesday the 9th, that the customer service rep was not sure why my order hadn't shipped and they would check with their warehouse and get back to me. This morning, the 10th, I get an automated email stating one of the items I ordered is not available in continuous yardage, and would I be ok with two 1/2 yard pieces, or not? The email indicated once I responded my order would be shipped within 48 hours. Are you kidding? It took a full week to check to see if my order could even be fufilled?

Now, I am not an impatient person. I would have been totally ok with this entire scenario if the site had said "due to high volume, it may take up to a week to review and ship your order." But it does not. So I contacted their "chat live" feature on their site to get my order cancelled. It took over a half hour, when there were only 2 people ahead of me in the "queue." But I finally reached someone who responded with. "I have cancelled your order. Is there anything else I can assist you with?"

Nope, no "sorry" no offering a coupon code. Poor customer service all around. I highly recommend steering clear of While the prices and selection are appealing, I would rather my hard earned money go to a business based on client service and making things right.

Ok, stepping off my soap box now. Does anyone have any sites that sell fabric that they would recommend, or have had good experiences with? I'd love to hear!

~ Ricki ~

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