Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pinterest Project Bucket List - 1st Edition

Oh Pinterest, how I have a love - hate relationship with you. I love spending wasting hours pinning recipes, crafty ideas, and so many things I have yet to try.

When I first joined Pinterest, I tried so many new recipes out. Many turned out awesome, and some, well, not so much. I've been disappointed lately with the content on Pinterest. It seems a lot more "spammy" than it used to. Often times, you can't even get to the original source to get the recipe / tutorial, etc. But I still have so many Pins I'd love to try my hand at!

So here's what I did. I went through and decided to make my Pinterest Project Bucket List! Over the coming weeks/months I plan to cross each one of these bad boys off my list.

1.) KIDS ARTWORK DISPLAY - This here is a must for me. Who knew that real stainless steel fridges will not hold magnets? I gotta have a place to hang Boo Boo's artwork!

2.) TEA CUP PIN CUSHION - How cute is this? And would make a great gift for Grandma, Mom, etc. Fortunately, this Pin credits the original author, so I want to give credit where credit is due. Thank you to this blogger for this sweet tutorial.

3.) DIY CUPCAKE STAND- No tutorial on this one, but the picture gives you the basics. 2 cute decorative plates, dollar store glass candle stick. Dollar store glass tea light holder. Wa-lah! Super cute!

4.) BOTTLE CAP MOSAIC TABLE (for our patio) - I have been saving bottle caps for years, for just such a project! =) I saw one of these 7 or 8 years ago while at a little restaurant in a tiny town in North Idaho, and have been saving caps since. Literally have like ten 1 gallon freezer bags full of caps! Some even look "retro" now.

5.) ANIMAL PAINTED ROCKS- For landscaping! This is a must-do project for Boo Boo and I. My Grandmother and I did this when I was young, and it was so much fun. We painted lady bugs, and owls, and all sorts of animals. Half the fun was picking out which rock was going to be which animal. I think this would be a fun tradition for us. A couple new rocks each year. With the year painted on the underside.

Stay tuned for my fantastic or fail results on these and many other upcoming projects! =)



  1. The rocks are adorable!! I think I'll add them to my bucket list too :D

  2. Um WOW to the bottle cap mosaic!! I love how that turned out. "Pinning!" it now! Thanks for linking it up! XO Courtney

  3. That bottle cap mosaic table top is really cool!

  4. oh i love the "bucket list"! i think the owl rocks are my fave, but i might be partial! ;) thanks for linking up at Pinning!



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