Friday, April 13, 2012

A Formal Introduction...

Next week my blog will be 2 months old. Can you believe it? While I am so excited with how quickly it has grown (thanks to all of my fabulous fans & friends & fellow blogging mamas!), I am a little embarassed that I have yet to take the time to really introduce myself to you all! I admire the way more experience bloggers have crafted their blogging personality. I swear I feel like I really "know" them through reading their blog. How cool is that to be able to connect with someone like that!?!?

So I am pleased to introduce you to...... ME!

I am Ricki.

I am 28 years old. I grew up in Northern Idaho, but I call Southern Oregon home nowadays. I am wife to my wonderful husband Kyle. We have been married for eight years, and he is truly my best friend.

I am mama to one amazing little girl, Ella. She will be 2 years old this month, and I can honestly say, the past 2 years have been the most joyful and rewarding of my life.

By day, I am employed full time outside of the home as a Mortgage Loan Officer for a community bank. I have been in banking for about 5 years now. I genuinely can say I do enjoy my job, although I do have days I'd love to stay home and snuggle with my baby girl!

By night, I am owner of Rogue Baby Boutique. My dream was to open a baby & children's store here in Southern Oregon, but reality set in, and I decided in this economy, it was probably not the wisest investment. So Rogue Baby Boutique has evolved into an Etsy shop here and Children's Boutique via Facebook here.

My Etsy shop started with the custom diaper wipes cases I began making last year. I began making custom hair bows, headbands, and other fun accessories shortly thereafter. I've recently had orders for custom hair flowers and shoe clips for weddings, which has been so much fun. I hope to continue to expand the handmade division of Rogue Baby over the coming months.

The other side to Rogue Baby is baby & toddler clothing. I began opening wholesale accounts with many fun clothing brands like: Hatley, Trumpette, & BabyLegs when the plan was to open a brick & mortar shop. So I still have quite the inventory of new adorable baby items - as well as a huge selection of gently used name brand clothing, shoes, and accessories. The items available for sale can be found on our Facebook page.

Some little known facts about me:
I'm not quite certain what my natural hair color is...
From time to time you might catch me playing Halo on Xbox Live with my hubby. And occassionally even Call of Duty! I even have my own gamertag!
My favorite color most days is green, but varies depending on my mood.
I once believed my husband when he told me potatoes were poisonous if consumed raw. (Yes, I'm from Idaho, no I've never grown potatoes.)
I have 4 half siblings ranging from 33 to 13 in age. With my one and only brother being the youngest. He is taller than me.

The most recent addition to Rogue Baby has been the blog. I've always loved writing and have enjoyed this new outlet for my creativity. I appreciate each and every one of your wonderful comments! Thank you for reading and being part of Rogue Baby.



  1. Hey girl! Just wanted to stop in and say hi!! I'm your newest follower! Super cute store and blog!!! :):)


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