Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday 10 LinkUp! This might get embarassing!

I’m linking up today with Lena over at Mom2Memphis&Ruby for Tuesday 10. This week’s theme is a fun one! What 10 movies are you embarrassed (or proud) that you love (but maybe shouldn’t)???

It took me awhile, to think of any really cheesy, corny, or just plain awful movies out there that I love. And I really couldn’t think of any, because, after all, I have awesome taste. Well, at least in movies.

When it comes to TV shows, however, I am AWFUL at getting sucked into AWFUL shows, that even I “DON’T LIKE” and I will explain why!!!

In no particular order regarding level of embarrassment in admitting said watching….

1.) Secret Life of the American Teenager. Drama, Drama, and more unrealistic, yet semi-realistic drama. How is it possible that in one sick day I managed to watch nearly all of season one? And really, nothing advanced in the plot. Shows like this are such a time waste. Side note: Still love Molly Ringwald in it.

2.) Weeds. Yes, the first season is sort of an intriguing concept. Upper middle class soccer Mom turned drug dealer when her husband unexpectedly passes away. But then it gets more and more ridiculous! Before you know it you’ve watched 4 or 5 seasons and she has a baby with a Mexican mob boss’ish politician and her teenage son is committing murder. Stop the insanity already!

3.) Hoarders. What is it about this sad and disgusting show that keeps you watching? It isn’t fascinating by any means. I definitely feel compassion for the people featured on the show, but really, what is the point of watching it?

4.) Mad Men. I think I’m going to get some flack for this one….I will admit, it has a pretty good plot, but there is something that sickens me about watching the infidelity and dishonesty. I don’t condone that kind of behavior, so why should I be watching it? (Not to mention on a show that GLORIFIES it.)

5.) The Biggest Loser. Don’t get me wrong. I love this show, and will continue to watch it 5 years from now probably, but if you have seen one season, you’ve seen them all. Overweight people losing weight. It’s great to see them triumph and attain their goals. And it can be motivational as well. But after 12 or 13 seasons, I’m surprised anyone, including myself is still watching.

6.) Drop Dead Diva. I’m not sure if this one is still on the air (since I am in the dark ages and watch most all cable channel shows via Netflix.) However, this one I am a sucker for. There is enough crime/mystery type stuff to keep me interested. But the concept is ridiculous and the story line can get so unrealistic…But of course, I watch it anyway. ;)

7.) Ax Men. Yep, my husband and I have watched every season of Ax Men available on Netflix. Why? I’m not really sure. Whether it was on as background noise around the house or what, but somehow we watched over 100 episodes of that silly show. Yep, it’s about loggers. Logging wood. That’s it.

8.) Wheel of Fortune. Perhaps it was spending too much time with my Grandparents as a child, but I will watch Wheel of Fortune and get giddy when I figure out the answers before the contestants. Yeah, I could totally win that show…

9.) Deal or No Deal. When I was home on my maternity leave I watched this show nearly every day. Don’t get me wrong, Wayne Brady is funny, but that show is soooo cheese-tastic.

10.) Phineas & Ferb. Yeah, I am guilty of singing the “doofenschwertz evil incorporated” jingle around the house and turn this show on for “my daughter.” Right!?! Gotta love a good cartoon now and then.

There you go. My Tuesday 10. Be sure to check out the host, Mom2Memphis&Ruby!


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  1. love your spin on this week's theme!
    thanks for linking up!

  2. I am curious about Drop Dead Diva! That was a favorite here. A new show on A&E you should check out is Duck Dynasty since you like Ax men...

  3. i love that you ended it with phineas and ferb!! i watch weeds, hoarders, and mad men all the time. but i don't have the stomach for hoarders all the time. and i watch wheel of fortune whenever nothing else is on.

    love your list!
    xx jes



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