Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not your ordinary headbands - Introducing Lewis & Bucky Designs

So, I don't know if you have noticed sometimes how hard it is to find a TRULY unique item on Etsy. And it's not for lack of creativity on the crafters parts. I am guilty of sometimes just having crafters block and making several similar items for my Etsy shop. Noticed my current kick of using shabby chiffon rosettes for pretty much everything? Guilty.

But this post isn't about me! It was a breath of fresh air to find Lewis & Bucky Designs on Etsy! I asked Anna to prepare a small guest post. Their headbands are so adorable - I wanted to share with all of you!

Lewis & Bucky Designs started last summer as a fun hobby for my sister and me. We went to a little shop near a beach and, finding some super-cute elastic headbands, exclaimed, “Let’s try that ourselves!” Hand-stitching all kinds of girly things to headbands—beads, stones, tulle, flowers, lace, pearls, garlands, beaded trim, appliqu├ęs, feather fan, gems—has now become a much-anticipated pastime for me. It’s just as much of a stress reliever as it is a business!

Lewis & Bucky Designs is exclusively a headband business. I use comfortable, stretchy elastic headbands only; they stay in place but won’t give you a headache by the end of the day. On the first headband I made, I used gold thread to secure all the embellishments, and since then, I’ve decided that will be one of my signature elements. My perky, unique “Lewis & Bucky Designs” label is also hand-stitched underneath each trimming to add a finished look.

I will duplicate headbands if requested or if one appears to be a popular accessory, but otherwise, I enjoy making a different one each time. Sometimes using the same embellishment but a different color headband changes the look entirely. It is fun to experiment and lay out different options; sometimes it’s so hard to choose!

As accessories, Lewis & Bucky headbands are very versatile. They can be worn with either dressy or casual outfits and completely change the look of the day. The more ornate fascinator headbands are a delight as they add that extra-special touch to a formal party dress. Lewis & Bucky headbands offer a fun, wide variety for any outfit, whether fancy or funky!

It is my hope that Lewis & Bucky Designs can offer you stylish headbands that fit your particular personality and style and that you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy designing them! Thanks so much for checking us out!

Lewis & Bucky Designs on Facebook: HERE
Lewis & Bucky Designs on Etsy: HERE

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