Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Linking Up - Tuesday 10

Linking Up to another fun Tuesday 10.
This weeks theme? What ten items would you want to have with you on a deserted island?

I am going to start with a disclaimer... So as to not make this a depressing "Castaway" type deserted island, hypothetically, let's figure it is a warm, tropical island, which I am destined to be stuck on for no more than 30 days.

1.) My Husband and daughter, however, if this was impossible, at least a picture or two of them. It goes without saying I would miss them desperately.

2.) My bible. Even if it was a happy deserted island situation, I would need some good reading material.

3.) A leatherman multi-tool. To build shelter or something, right?

4.) Matches. To start a fire to cook my scavanged food, or boil water.

5.) Sunscreen. I am having high hopes for sunshine and beautiful weather of course.

6.) My Reef Fanning flip flops. They are my most favoritest shoes, and I would wear them every day if I could. Deserted island or not.

7.) A razor. I could handle the no real shower thing, but I cannot handle not shaving my legs or armpits for that long!

8.) Coffee Beans. I would mash up said beans and boil them in afforementioned water. I need my caffiene!

9.) Sunglasses. My eyes are extremely sensitive to light, so I would be needed this, given the sunshine this island would have.

10.) Contacts. Without them I am blind!

Thanks for stopping by and have a terrific Tuesday! =)



  1. I think most of us decided we were voting for a nice, tropical, no poisonous creatures type islands!!


  2. great list!
    good idea about the razor! lol

  3. Ahhh! totally forgot about Coffee... perhaps I could make my way onto your Island. I'll bring the music :) thanks for linking up

  4. HAHA! Very cute. Love this post. I am so with you on the razor. I cannot go too long with hairy legs and armpits. LOL


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