Friday, January 4, 2013

The Week of "No's" - Revisited

About 6 months ago, I posted about my week of no's. And I felt compelled to revisit the subject.

I am the Mama of a 2 year old. "No" is an all too familiar word in our home.

Here's the most recent photo of us taken last week. She's getting so big. Almost 3. And I think the terrible 2's have only gotten worse!

This morning, like many others was full of "no's." No, I do not want my shoes on. No, I do not want to help you pick up my breakfast that I just spilled all over the floor. No I will not sit in time out. You get the picture right? I love her dearly though, and 99% of the time, she's a pretty good kid. I might be a little biased, but I digress...

So I decided to take a positive twist on "no". Each day of the week, I'm putting into place a new "no." And here is how it is all laid out...

Monday - No processed foods. This was the start of an attempt to completely eliminate processed foods from my diet, so far doing ok with it. Aside from energy drinks, do those count?

Update: I totally train wrecked this one. Although I did 3 weeks in October of whole foods / non processed, etc. And I felt great, but it was TOUGH.

Tuesday - No internet (at home.) I have to be on it at work....

Update: Totally haven't followed through on this one. With shop orders, listing new items, working on the new website, and a little online shopping, this one is probably the most unrealistic of all.

Wednesday - No TV. Ok, so I probably can't stop my hubby from playing video games. But Wednesday nights will be no tv shows or movies.

Thursday - No spending. Yup, that's right. I challenge myself to a day of no spending. No stopping for coffee, no going out for lunch or running to the grocery store after work for a few last minute things for dinner, etc.

This one is great. I'm working on expanding it to 2 or 3 days a week!

Friday - No chores - no housework. Yup that's right. Friday nights after work will be my night of rest. I've got all weekend to get that stuff done.

Saturday - No watches, clocks, or checking the time. Saturday is family time! No set time for being here or there, or doing this or that. Let the day take us where it may.

Sunday - No beverages - except for water. Sounds harsh, right? But if you knew me, you'd know I drink about 4 ounces of water per week, on a good week.

So there you have it - a week of No's with a positive twist.


  1. I LOVE this list and just may have to adapt it to work for our family. We used to do Tech-Free 24 hours from Friday to Saturday and loved it. New Year seems like a good time to restart!

    New follower from

  2. I'm like you with the water! The only water I'd drink was if I opened my mouth in the shower! Now I'm trying to make an actual effort to drink it but it's soooo hard!

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  4. I really love your idea of turning NO into a positive thing!! And I am so glad to hear that limited your processed food consumption! It is so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationship with your food, to actually KNOW your food. I'm totally with you on this.

    PS I found your blog on the blartblog blog hop!


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