Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Why is it so hard for people, myself included, to just be content with the blessings they have?

I was lying in bed last night unable to fall asleep and was thinking of all the parts on the house remodel that needed done before we could list it for sale and work on getting our home on acreage. And then I'm lying there thinking, why not just be content with the lovely home we have? If I was, that might mean I'd be a lot more likely to be able to be a SAHM someday. Maybe we could payoff our little debts sooner. Maybe there would be less stress overall, if only we could learn to just be content.

I think it's human nature to want to accomplish and obtain, but to what fault? No matter how much money you make, you always find a way to spend it. You just start buying more expensive versions of the things you already had. Things you'd formerly been content with.

I resolve to consciously try to be more content in all aspects of my life! And grateful for the blessings I have.

I may not have 1000's of followers on this little blog, but each and every one of you are appreciated. I am thankful each and every time someone stops by to comment and say hello. Not to say I don't want to see followers grow, but in less than a year, I'm nearly to 300, and I think that's something to be thankful for! =)

P.S. I'm thinking when we hit 300 there will be a fantastic giveaway. And if we aren't to 300 by the end of next month, heck, I'll do one anyone to celebrate the one year anniversary of my bloggy world.


  1. I think about this a lot and it's something I've been working on this year. Saving money, paying credit cards off, living in the moment. Even living in the DAY! I used to have all these huge long-term goals, which is great. But lately, I'm finding thinking smaller is really paying off :) Great post!

  2. Hi there! I just came across your blog, visiting from The Crafty Ginger. I totally relate to this post. After only 3 years my husband and I randomly sold our first house and decided to upgrade to something bigger. The first house was perfect for us, but we always dreamed of something more. We're not even a month into this house and I'm already joking about flipping it for something bigger. My husband and I discussed why we are never satisfied with what we have the other day. We realized it is a good thing that we're never satisfied, because if we ever reached that point, then we would have no reason to set goals and work hard to meet them. If that makes any sense... I think it's a good thing to push yourself towards greater things!


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