Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's ok.....

Do you ever have to repeat this to yourself? It's ok. Everything is going to be ok. It WILL be ok.

I am just having a heck of a week, and felt like it's time to remind myself, it's all ok.

It's ok.... that I would rather be at home with my little girl today than at work.

It's ok.... that I feel like a terrible Mama when dropping her off at school and she cries and cries and doesn't want me to go. Let me be sad, ok. Don't tell me it's part of being a working Mama. I will never not be sad about this.

It's ok.... that I still don't know if my full time job will be here next week or next month. Everyone else I work with is in the same boat. It sucks. It's part of being part of the corporate world mid-merger. Not a darn thing I can do about it.

It's ok.... that I let my daughter have dino bites (chicken nuggets basically) for dinner two nights in a row. She wanted them, and requested to have brocolli with them. Really not that bad...

It's ok.... that I haven't worked on the new shop website at all this week. It will come in time.

It's ok.... that I haven't had a sale on Etsy in 3 days. I need to quit obsessing and realize, it may never be my day job. #facereality

It's just whine and complain sometimes!

And It's also ok.... to listen. Like you just have my friends. =)

Its Ok Thursdays

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