Monday, October 8, 2012

Giveaway: Happy Shop-iversary to Me!

Today marks the one year annivesary of my shop. The Rogue Baby. I'm proud of that. It started as a hobby, but over the past 6 months, I've really focused on making it more than that. Working full time outside the home, being Mama to a 2 year old, playing housewife, honestly doesn't leave much time for me. But it's worth it! Totally worth it!

It's my dream.

Someday, I hope to make it my "job."

It's silly, on Sept. 1st, I set out to hit 100 orders before my one year anniversary, meaning 100 total orders in the 1 year. The task seemed out of reach, since I started September with around 60 orders, but on Oct. 3 we hit our 100 order mark and have since surpassed it. I feel so blessed and hope it continues!

As things have began to pick up, I've been more aware of things like profit margin. And how much Etsy is eating into that profit margin. So I did research and decided on something.

I have something real exciting to announce!

I'm thrilled to say, is opening soon for business!!! I will still have some items on Etsy, but the bulk of my products will be on the new web page. And with that, I will be adding many fun new items as well.

I'm also happy to say we will be introducing a new line called "The Rogue Mama." I am so excited to be offering some fabulous accessory choices for Mama's now too. So many changes in the upcoming months.

I am so excited for what this will bring in the future, and it's one step closer to realizing my dream.

Also, in honor of this happy occassion, how about a giveaway?


  1. I think the coral and mint headband is beautiful!


  2. I love the little ribbon rosette hair clips!

  3. Love the hot pick shoe clips!

  4. Love the Flower Hair Clips - Felt with Buttons. Pink Yellow White - Cheery & Bright- Set of 3


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