Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dear Daughter,

Dear Daughter,

This past weekend, we sold your crib. And as the excited Mom-to-be drove away, I couldn't help but feel a little sad. Our baby days are over. No more for us. One and done.

You're growing up. Way too fast.

Please slow it down, a little bit. Just for me?

Two years ago this month, we had your 6 month photo shoot, and it feels like yesterday.

I decided to take some advice from Barney Stinson though.
"When I feel sad, I stop being sad, and start being awesome."

So here goes...

I love that you have your own little personality and we can now have real conversations with each other.

I love your imagination. Sure, that's a robot sleeping in a tree. I see it too.

I love that when asked what you want to do today, you will 99% of the time say "Go Shopping." Shopping buddies for life baby!

I love that you can make me laugh when I am most frustrated, sad, disappointed... You're so silly and sweet.

I love your popsicle dance.

I love that you say the color white as "wipe."

I love that you still need "Mama" when you wake up in the middle of the night.

I love that you are so cuddly. Please don't grow out of that any time soon.

Most of all, Ella Bella Boo Boo Bear, I hope you know how much Mama loves you. And how proud I am to be your Mama!


  1. OMG this made me tear up a bit! so sweet! i just realized this week that my daughter hasn't come to my bed in a while. she's done trying to sneek more kids in my bed. although i should be happy about that, i'm kinda bummed.


  2. Hey! Don't do that! You made my tear up, too! My son is just a hair older than your daughter and I agree that while this age brings so many awesome moments with it, it also makes you realize that your baby is not a baby anymore! My little girl is already 6 months old and it seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home. *sigh*...


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