Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shooting Zombies

My baby girl turns three at the end of this month. I've learned so much from her already. But what I've learned the most is this child has one awesome imagination. Oh the stories she will tell me. Awhile back she saw a robot, in a tree, sleeping.... Yeah, I really need to start writing some of this stuff down.

This morning was not particularly unusual. As we're leaving to head to preschool, I uttered the words, "No you cannot bring your gun to school." Totally random right? Well, not in our house, she was "shoot shooting" zombies. Her words, not mine.

Now before you get all "What kind of parent are you?" up in my face.... let me say... we've never allowed her to watch any "zombie" shows or movies. Walking Dead is a show we indulge in only after our little one has gone to bed. But, awhile back, maybe 6 months or so, she got the idea from somewhere... And this kid talks about zombies. Often.

 photo IMG_20130411_082555_7801.jpg

And here we are in the car this morning. Notice the sweet puppy sticker on the barrel of the gun? She's my little goofball. I did not let her bring the "gun" (it's a cap gun for which we've never purchased caps) into school. It had to stay in the car. I'm sure they appreciate that.

Of course, this brings up all new parenting issues to think of. Teaching your little ones to respect guns. Teaching your little ones it's not nice to play shooting games if you "shoot" at people, etc. Teaching your little ones that zombies do not exist.

Unless of course you believe in the zombie apocolypse. In which case... I think we're on the right track!

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