Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Ok....

It's been awhile since I have done one of these posts, but I like them. They are great for days where you just have a ton on your mind, but not one thing worth dedicating an entire post to.

So here we go...

It's ok that I had "Mom Brain" this morning in the shower and wet and rinsed my hair but forgot the ever important "shampoo" process. And failed to realize this slip up until the drive to work. It's a pony tail kinda day. :/

It's ok that I am super excited and want to pack for our mini-vaca (which isn't until the end of next week) already. I am going to try my best to not start packing until at least this weekend.

It's ok that my daughter wants to watch "Monsters Vs. Aliens" tonight as a family and have ice cream and we are totally gonna do it. After dinner of course.

Speaking of, It's ok that my daughter doesn't have a bed time and we never made her cry it out. As a working Mom who also owns a small business from home, I soak up every moment I can get with her. If her falling asleep in my arms cuddling each night is wrong, I don't wanna be right! I don't criticize anyone's parenting choices regarding this kind of thing. Every family dynamic and child is different. I embrace that!

It's ok that I have totally been missing all the fun pregnancy and little baby experiences lately. How could I not. EVERYONE (ok, not quite everyone, but it sure seems like it..) is pregnant or has a newborn. It's ok that I am a little jealous of that. It's also totally ok that I talk myself out of those feelings each time, reminding myself, unless we win Publisher's Clearning House, no more kiddos are in our future. And you know, that's ok.

I'ts ok that I think it's wrong for blogger to capitalize off of tragedies. I have feelings about the events in Boston, but no, I wasn't going to post about them in hopes my blog would come up in a search, or keep my relevancy up. Sometimes, I think it's best to keep silent in wake of tragedy. (Except for in the case that you are or know someone personally involved.) I like to think of blogging as not the same kind of media like the news that secretly loves the tragedies because they mean good ratings... No offense is intended to anyone who did pour their heart out in a post -- I don't know everyone's intentions in their posts, nor did I read them all. I did however read a few that prompted me to feel this way.

It's ok that I honestly haven't read a book cover to cover in over 3 years (i.e. since my daughter was born.) I fully intend to again. Someday.

Its Ok Thursdays

Ya know what, it's all ok! Happy Thursday! T minus 7 days until Mini-Vaca... but who's counting, right?

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