Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello milestones....

Hello friends,
I've missed you.

I'm still here. I promise, I haven't quit blogging, regardless of my recent lack of posting!

I've had a busy month. Who am I kidding. I am always busy! Full time job, 2 year old, Etsy shop / side business, house to keep clean, etc. (bwahaha... right.)

But seriously, I have been busy. Busy with things like planning our upcoming 1 year Shop Anniversary!!! Yup, October 8th marks one year of the Etsy shop "being in business." Giveaways, contests, sales, you name it, I'm working on it.

If you want to get your fix now and have a chance to win some amazing schwag... I'm giving away some shop credit over at Living in Yellow. There are so many other fantastic items up for grabs too.

Oh and on a personal milestone note. I bought my daughter's first "big girl bedding" set today. She and I were shopping online. Yes, she LOVES shopping. And she was saying, "That's not cool." "That's not mine." Then this bedding came up, and she said, "That's mines." I was pretty excited, since I liked it quite a bit myself! I am going to have so much fun putting her room together, and can't wait for the bedding to arrive. Now to pick out the bed to go with it too!

And for a final milestone, I totally just reached 200+ followers here on the blog!! Just the validation I needed on a crappy Monday morning. Yes, somebody is actually reading my nonsense and wants to come back for more! =)

To all of you.... Thank you!!!


  1. I'm loving that photo of your little one and congrats on 200 followers (and a big girl bed)!

  2. Sounds like lots of stuff going on!!! :) That bedding is TOO cute!


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