Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's in a name?

So what's in a name?

I began thinking today, some folks may not understand the choice of my shop name. And rightly so.

The Rogue Baby.

Rogue is described as a playfully mischievous person or scamp.

Which, undoubtedly describes many of your babies, right? But no, that's not where it came from.

And while I love Rogue Ales, not from that either.

So where did "The Rogue Baby" originate?

Well, it's really rather simple. We live in the Rogue Valley of Oregon, on the beautiful Rogue River!

The original plan was a brick and mortar children's shop, where the name would have made all kinds of sense, but the economy and life happened, and here we are! Repping the Rogue Valley via the interweb!

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  1. Dear Ricki,
    I grew up in Portland Oregon and recently moved to Oklahoma City. I have been to the Rogue brewery along the Rogue river and loved it. I plan to brew some dead guy ale this fall. I sure miss Oregon and all its beautiful lushness. I thought of Rogue brewery and that was the reason I followed you in the first place. :o)


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