Saturday, December 27, 2014

This year... 2015

I've posted about it before, but you see, I'm not super into the whole New Year's Resolution thing. Just not my thing. But I do like to reflect on the previous year and what I would have liked to have accomplished, what I did accomplish, reflect on good memories, and just think about the future.

Every day you have a chance to be better than you were yesterday. Every day you have a chance to be awesome.

This coming year....

My baby, my one and only child, turns 5!

I will be watching my baby sister graduate high school. Where does the time go!?!

I will be trying a new approach to my health problems. Blog post to follow. Going clean and trying alternate treatments.

I will focus more on the health and well being of my family.

We will go on a family vacation (hopefully Hawaii).

I will try to not sweat the small stuff.

I will continue to grow my business, and I just might try to get a hang of that Instagram thing... #theroguebaby

I will spend less time pinning about fitness and spend more time getting fit. (However, if you're into pinning, I do pin cool stuff. Like this).

I'm really looking forward to this year and all that it will bring. Here's my theme for 2015:

picture source

What's yours??

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