Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekends and To Do Lists....

Hello Friday! I have been missing you... since like... Monday, at 7am when my week began.

I drove like 400 miles yesterday for work. You know, my "real" job. Not that The Rogue Baby isn't real, but it's not quite my day job yet... But maybe, someday. For now, I can dream. And right now, I am exhausted. Waking up on Fridays isn't quite nearly as bad as waking up on a Tuesday. I woke up super happy that it's the nearly the weekend, but then I remembered....

The to do list...

* Invoice co-op items. What is a co-op you say? Well, I am host in an online co-op, where a group of us ladies place one large order together with a supplier to get better deals. Think magic eraser sponges for 10 cents each, etc. Co-Op host is my 3rd job. I know, I'm crazy. And with that job I don't even get paid... I actually make more money from blogging, so technically blogger is my 3rd job, and Co-Op host is my 4th.

* Work on opening some more "make up" buys in our Co-Op. Our co-op ladies love makeup. I am obviously pretty oblivious to make up and fashion, but they entrust me to find them good deals. Which I am good at.

* Go through all of the baby / kid clothes I've been meaning to sell and either list them on Ebay, take them to a consignment store, list them on local sites, etc. They need to be gone. I need to make room for more inventory for The Rogue Baby!!

* Summer headbands and hair clips. I have so many fun new designs to finish, take photos of, and get listed. If only I could just do the creative part and leave the rest up to someone else.

* Get to some of my sewing projects. Ok, it's not a must-do, but... I've spent the money on the fabric and supplies... why not?

* Oh yeah, there is that thing called laundry and "cleaning" my house --- During the week, I just think why bother with a three year old tornado running behind you?

* Family time! Can't forget about spending some quality time together... Maybe taking the little one to the park to play if weather permits... Maybe we'll do some craft projects.

* Finish up the proto-types and get them ready to ship to the photographers / models for The Rogue Baby's new summer items.

* Pull my dead ranunculus' from the flower pot and replace with something less pitiful. They were beautiful a month or so ago, but alas, they are done.

* Febreeze my car. It smells like a brewery. Literally! On my way home last night, I stopped off at a brewery / pub up North to pick up some beer. If you've read here long, you know my husband and I enjoy a good microbrew. So there is this one place up North, where you can only buy their beer there.. not in stores. Not near our home, so when given the opportunity to pick some up. I did. And it spilled while I was driving on the freeway....

* Speaking of my car, my first stop when my weekend officially begins is the gas station... my car is on empty.

* Buy the little one some new "running shoes." Here I thought coming into summer she'd be wearing her flip flops and sandals, but no, this morning, she wanted to wear running shoes, and I realized, she has no tennis shoes at all. Shoe shopping.... Not really a chore, shoe shopping is fun... but it's still a to-do.

* Put away the winter clothes, get the summer clothes out... maybe hang the clothes strewn about the floor of the master closet... if I'm ambitious.

* How can I forget... grocery shopping, dishes, and all things kitchen related. Yeah, all that too....

Maybe, I will enjoy my last few hours here at work... in my quiet office... like a relaxing Sunday afternoon... (what are those?)

What are you up to this weekend??

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