Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My legacy...

Inevitably, we all pass on our legacy to our children, and eventually our children's children and so on. My daughter just turned three, and it made me think a bit about my legacy and what I am passing on.

Last night, I discovered I've already been passing on a lot to my sweet baby girl. As I was working on some adorable new headbands last night, she found a box of baby toys in my office / shop / inventory room. She opened it up and said, "Was this mine Mama? From when I was a little baby?" I told her that yes it was, and in order to get new toys we had to get rid of her baby toys. She looked concerned and said, "But I love this. Don't you remember how much I loved this when I was a little tiny baby?"

It made me smile a bit. She's got the same pack rat / emotional attachment to inanimate objects mentality that I do! I am so super sentimental over silly little stuff. And when I think about that, I know exactly where I got it... from my Mama!

What ways are you building your legacy? Anything fun you've discovered in your children recently?

And here is my favorite of the new headbands, just in case you were wondering....

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