Tuesday, November 6, 2012

If I had a Million Dollars....

If I had a million dollars, had a million dollars, Well, I'd buy you a house.

Gotta love Barenaked Ladies, but for real... how fun is it to dream of winning a million bucks?

On long road trips, my husband and I play the, if I had a million dollars game and we break down what we'd each do if we won.

Here's my list. For the purposes of my list, the $1 million dollars is the "after taxes" lump sum I would receive.

1.) Payoff our cars and miscellaneous small debts.

2.) Sell our current house and purchase a home on acreage or have a modest home built on acreage. My biggest splurge for the home would be a "natural pool." Love the look of this!

3.) Payoff my Mom & Step Dad's house and my Dad & Step Mom's house.

4.) Give each of my siblings $25k. (The two that are minors, it would be held in a trust account until they turn 23. Why 23... well, I feel like that's when I really started to get my head on straight financially.)

This would total approximately $600k. So now what to do with the rest?

5.) Invest at least $200k.

6.) Vacation to Fiji, New Zealand, and probably Hawaii again.

7.) Invest $25k into expanding my little shop. And of course, quit my day job!

8.) Go on a shopping spree in Southern California.

9.) Take our daughter to DisneyLand.

10.) Buy that wonderful leather sectional from Restoration Hardware I've been coveting for years!!! (It's only the same price of a small economy car... lol...)

What would you do with a million dollars? It sure is fun to dream huh???

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