Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Typical Day in the Life....

Being a full time working Mama is HARD. Not sayin' it's the hardest thing out there, but it's tough. I find myself super envious of my fellow Mama friends who get to stay home with their little ones. I also know, a day at home with little ones is work in itself. I give kudos to the SAHM's out there also. Especially the ones with multiple children. But I really wanted to share why sometimes, I am just exhausted. I am spent. I need a beer wine prozac gigantic coffee vacation.

5:00am - Husbands alarm goes off. But really my day hasn't started here. It was at 3:30am when my 2 1/2 year old joined us in bed. I never fully get back to sleep after events such as this.

5:15am - I need milk Mama. Proceed to kitchen. Bring back sippy cup of milk to my daughter.

5:30am - She is poking my closed eyelids, saying Wake up Mama. Ok, fine, let's officially start our day. Husband comes in and says goodbye to us.

5:30am - 6:15am - Turn on Barbie movie for little one while she lays in bed. I make a pot of coffee. Catch up on emails and shop orders.

The rest of the morning until 7:45 or so consists of: Making our breakfast and lunches for the day. My shower, get dressed, get make up on time. (I'm LUCKY if I get 45 uninterrupted minutes for said tasks.) Battle of the wills regarding what clothes little one will wear that day. "I have to be princess." "It's not pink!!!" This.Battle.Occurs.Daily. #nojoke. Try to get little one to finish her breakfast and let me brush her teeth and hair. Optional: Fight with little one over which jacket she will wear to school. "Not the boy one Mama!" Who knew blue with butterflies = boy jacket? Sometimes she's excited to go to school and this battle doesn't happen. Those days, I'm delightfully on time.

8:00 - 8:15 - Drive little one to preschool. Hope she doesn't cry when I drop her off. Nothing makes me feel worse. =(

8:30 - 4:30 - I am at work... thinking, stressing, and obsessing over all the things I will need to do when I get home. On breaks, I check on shop orders, track incoming shipments, and reply to emails.

4:45 - Pick little one up at school. She usually decides that is when she needs to go potty, and I get to stand there for 10 minutes while she sits there and eventually decides she doesn't have to go, and we head home.

5:00 - 6:00 - Get changed out of the professional clothes and into something comfy. Unpack lunches. Start dinner. While cooking dinner, unload dishwasher, reload it, hand wash any pots and pans.

6:00 - 10:00 - Eat dinner as a family. Work on shop orders. Get items made, packed, ready to ship. Bath time for little one. Get her in jammies, etc. Cuddle time with little one. She'll usually fall asleep by 9 or so. Catch up on emails, more shop stuff, and the likes. Oh, did I mention that I am a host in co-op buys as well? Yeah, so track incoming shipments. Keep track of orders for that, etc. And research new ideas for future buys. Communicate with vendors. Etc.

Go to bed and start it all.over.again. Did you notice... no mention of laundry, or vacuuming, etc? Yeah, because Saturday and Sunday are "catch-up" days. I usually wash and fold 4 -5 loads of laundry each weekend. And my house is never as clean as I'd like.

I know, to an extent, I put a lot of this on myself. I don't have to have my shop. But I know how unhappy I'd be without some sort of creative outlet. And 99% of the time, I genuinely enjoy it. And I am grateful for how blessed I am. Sometimes... just sometimes. I just wish I had a couple extra hours in the day. Ya know? Cuz being a working Mama is tough!

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  1. Gosh I'm just tired reading all of that! haha I'm a full time working mom too but don't have the Etsy business you do so you definitely have a lot on your plate. I barely have the energy to work and be a mom. You're pretty awesome!:)


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